This is my Life

January 11 This is your life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover

This is my life

If I could read a book that contained everything I would ever do and all that would happen in my future, I can’t deny that it would be extremely hard for me to turn away from that.

When posed with this dilemma theoretically one may easily say one thing but if faced with that becoming a reality it may be a different case altogether. Also if I am able to read it, can I change things now that I know? Or would that changed version be in there along with a hundred other ways I tried to change it.

I personally would not be able to stop myself from reading it, I could not walk away from that because I would regret it for the rest of my life. I am the kind of person who seeks to learn knew things and I value knowledge above all else, so education is a very important thing for me. This book would be the ultimate knowledge. Every good and bad moment of your life, even if you can’t alter it, you can prepare for it, get a head start on it.

I couldn’t turn away from that, could you?


11 responses to “This is my Life

  1. I wouldn’t read it. I prefer flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak.
    I just thought of something. What if, since you’re reading the book, that event is recorded in the book, and then it records your future self reading the book, and you just get stuck in a never ending loop of reading you own life, which turns out, in the end, to just be reading forever and ever.
    I just blew my own mind.

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  2. I also highly value knowledge (Ravenclaw, represent) but I can tell when some knowledge would be too dangerous to obtain. I would absolutely not read it.

    Here we start talking about time lines and time paradoxs and the space time continuum. There are different ways this could go.

    If we’re going with Terminator version “There is no fate but what we make,” your future is changeable and able to deviate from the books prophecy, but you might just end up prolonging the suffering or changing it’s form, as seen in Terminator 3 when we learn Judgment Day was just postponed.

    If you have one of the, more common, unchangeable prophecies well, let’s just say we see how well that worked out for Anakin. His warning about Padme and the kids simply set him on the path to that future. A wise quote (From Kung Fu Panda I think, lol) “One often meets his fate on the path he takes to avoid it.”

    That kind of knowledge just gets people into big, sticky messes. Plus, I’m a pure blooded book worm. No spoilers is the code by which I live my life. I want to be surprised.

    Awesome post! Really makes you think!

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    • Thanks! And yeh I would totallyyy still read it.. i could not live with the regret of not having read it at all. And in a sense if by my reading it, i change things completely that aren’t written in there.. then i’m kinda living life without knowing, as per the usual. Comes full circle depending on the restrictions.


  3. I think I would definitely read it! My life has had to many wild surprises that I could have never seen coming. One minute I get fired from my bar tending job, the next minute I’m in a movie that goes to the Cannes Film Festival. one minute I’m singing in cover bands living a cozy happy life, the next minute I get sued for $10,000,000 and find myself becoming a lawsuit reform advocate. It’s been an exciting life, but I think I am ready for some predictability and stability!

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