Kuroko no Basuke Season 3


I know what you’re thinking ‘ugh a sports anime! skip’ but hold it right there. Kuroko’s Basketball isn’t just a sports fan’s anime. People who don’t even like basketball can enjoy this anime with its comedy, action and wide range of characters there’s plenty here for you to enjoy.

Although this anime isn’t hard to understand and the plot is pretty self explanatory, watching the first two seasons will give more depth to the motivations of the characters and the state of affairs. This anime is pretty good at building the tension of the situations it puts the titular character Kuroko into.


Speaking of Kuroko, he’s a unique character who is intriguing and kind of boring at the same time, which is what keeps things interesting. Great humor, exciting action, intense rivalries and a story you’ll watch from the edge of your seat all contained in the confines of a basket ball court.


Casual Rating: 4/5

Basketball Fan Rating 5/5