This was a summer release anime that told an original story and turned out to be a pretty good anime. One thing to address up front is the lack of meaning behind the title, I kept waiting for some random person to appear and announce their name as Charlotte. Anyway back to the anime, the story follows a boy named Yuu who one day finds out he has a special power.

Being a typical anime protagonist he uses it for self gratification, hilarity ensues, but the story actually starts when he is discovered by a group of other kids with powers who recruit him to help locate and apprehend others abusing their powers. The story is pretty interesting and really gears up in the second half.

The characters are cool and funny, the incomplete powers (you have to watch to understand) keeps the laughs coming and at certain parts this anime tries to take you on a feel trip. My only gripes this show is the complete lack of a Charlotte character and the pacing is sort of inconsistent.


Overall a good anime worth a watch and rewatch.