Home is where the heart is. At the end of each day we touchdown at ‘home’, our small space in the whole universe. We have collected all our favourite little things which bring us joy, pride and hope. I couldn’t imagine my life without a home.

Rain is a blessing. Perhaps a nuisance for the fellow man but without water from the heavens we would be living in the barren wasteland. I have seen numerous videos and accounts of people in awe of rainfall. For me however not a day goes by without some sort of rain falling. Whether it be absolute torrential downpour causing floods or short showers pleasantly warm or ICE cold

Soil comes in different colours and textures. For me soil is of the beautiful crumbly texture, pure black. I should know, I spend most my time in it, from which I wish things will grow, with a bit of love. 

The amount of rain with the quality of soil really has produced some beautiful scenery. I am proud of my the land I call home every day.