January 19

Apply yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

Hmmm my personal belief is that nothing in this life should come easily…Don’t get me wrong I would love for everything to be easy… but that would take the fun out of everything. Hear me out…

My last attempt to better myself came in the form of commitment. I wanted to lose weight and look like someone off the cover of a fashion magazine… go ahead and laugh it off… it is funny, but the beauty of commitment is that it could be about anything…

In the past I had joined the gym many times but I would never go past a few weeks once the hype had disappeared and by then the excuses would start rolling in. I knew the same would happen again if I didn’t fully apply myself.

Losing weight is simple, here’s some expert advise from our local B Class hero…


Thank you Mr Saitama.

It’s something I have done time and time again but it would only come back as I was never committed long enough to allow greater change. This time I didn’t want to use the gym as a form of losing weight but as a platform to prove to myself that I can achieve anything if I applied myself completely. As Arnie would say what are you hungrier for… Food or Success!

I can confidently say that I have been going to the gym regularly for the past 8 months… more than I have ever been before and I will continue on with it until I die.



Why? You may ask, because I know if I commit myself to the gym I can commit myself to anything.

Was it easy???

Hell no!!!

Working out is painful… its hard and nobody wants to do it. I do it because… I want to! I do it because…I want to be more than just empty promises! I do it because… I want to better myself! I do it because… it’s not about the destination! It’s about the journey!

Now I don’t know the extent of my power…