January 21

Sweet sixteen

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing

Sweet Sixteen

Ok, I have to be honest.. I can’t remember that far back! I hardly remember what I did yesterday, true story. So Mr Desperado nudged me in the direction of doing my top sixteen favourite desserts. You may notice the common theme of chocolate but do stick around folks, you may see something you like 🙂

16. Fudge

A nice and simple, last minute kinda dessert


15. Knickerbocker Glory

Perfect for when you just want to arrange instead of bake

15.Knickerbocker glory

14. Black Forest

A killer dessert if made correctly, the first time I made it, it took me 3 hours!

14.Black forest

13. Cookies

If the cooking time says ten minutes, take them out at 7.. delicious gooey cookies XD


12. Red Velvet

Fun to make and even better to eat 😀

12.Red velvet

11. Chocolate Brownies

An old classic. A dusting of icing sugar or a layer of melted and cooled chocolate to take them to the next level

11.Chocolate brownies

10. Cupcakes

Some say overdone but there are so many variations to be getting on with. My personal favourite being coffee and chocolate!

10. Cupcakes

9. Gulab Jamun

A dessert of Asian origin, these are lovely when warm with a nice scoop of cold vanilla ice cream

9.Gulab Jamun

8. Chocolate Fridge Cake

Another delicious no bake recipe that you can personalise to your own taste

8.Chocolate Fridge Cake

7. Eton Mess

Something perfect to throw together at the last minute

7.Eton Mess

6. Tiramisu

I prefer mine non-alcoholic with coffee and hot chocolate! Another one you can learn to personalise


5. Cookie Dough with Ice Cream

Another guilty pleasure dessert. Salted caramel goes nicely with the choc chip cookie dough

5.Cookie dough

4. Chocolate Bowl

Longer process to get this right but goes down a storm with kids and adults alike

4.Chcolate cup

3. Chocolate Cheesecake

There are many variations of cheesecake but this is my go to

2.Chocolate cheesecake

2. Chocolate Ganache/Cake

An extremely rich and dense piece of heaven..

3. Chocolate ganache cake

1. Chocolate Pie

One of my all time favourites and extremely easy to make 🙂

1.Choocolate and Raspberry pie

Hope you all suffered as much as I did whilst making this post! I kid, try them out and let me know how they were 😀