10 Minutes with the Moon

January 24

Ready, set, go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing.When the timer goes off, publish.

10 minutes with the Moon

Don’t stare at the moon too closely, you’ll lose the ability to see the stars.

The moonlight shines brightly through my window onto my bare arm and I feel that crisp coolness that only moonlight brings.

The nights that bring you clarity and help you see clearly are the ones that I am in constant pursuit of.

To help calm the ever present turbulence of my soul, that doesn’t let me walk straight most days.

Those moments in which I can attempt to help myself when others cannot.

To at least help put on a charade of normality when nothing feels right at all. Just to return to those moments and seek solace in the darkness because you are so used to being alone and have come to resent your own presence but it is your own presence you seek.

When it gets too tough and your skies darken with storm clouds, do not forget the moon is still there; do not forget the stars that lay beyond.


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