Dearly Departed

January 25

Dearly departed

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Dearly Departed

Supernova was a bright and talented young lady who had so many hopes and dreams for her life. Dreams that she spent her waking hours chasing and helping others along her way to help see theirs come true. She had this infectious energy that once you decided to make something happen together, it would become a reality.

She lived a long and full life and lived with no regrets and nothing tying her down or holding her back. If anything she pulled us all onto the clouds on which she resided. Always there to help a friend or family member in their times of greatest need and a reliable presence in all of our lives and will be sorely missed.

She was and continues to be an inspiration to all of us and will never be forgotten.

N.B. I hope that I can one day succeed in all that I set out to do and die with no regrets


5 responses to “Dearly Departed

  1. …(continuation..) **oh whats this there more to the eulogy**

    Supernova only died with one regret… who will feed her cats after she’s gone, felix, snuffy bunny, ginger,alpha,garfield, chewits, chicken masala… she had a cat called chicken masala to, apparently he was asian… Amen

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  2. …(further continuation) **oh what is this? there actually more to the eulogy**

    I know some of you are wondering how my beloved chicken masala is asian, do cats even have ethnicities? well after spending almost 70 not so lonely, not so lonely years, yes i said it twice for echo effect and also to assure u i wasn’t lonely… with my cats. I realised that cats are intelligent animals and they have ethnicities and cultures… like my cat ginger hes Scottish and felix has swedish heritage. If you dont believe me then your probably a racist and please leave my funeral.

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  3. …(and even further continuation) **oh what is this!!? there actually even more to the eulogy, someone should bury her cats with her!**

    .. For those who are still here at my funeral, i would like to conclude please dont be sadden by my death i can finally return my beloved husband who passed away before me 50 years ago…

    ** awww so she actually did get married, and the only reason she remained alone with cats was the fill the void of her dead husband, and she never remarried because he was irreplaceable, awwwww**

    …if my dead husband can hear me now… “Im coming my beloved Whiskers (smile face of a dead face emoji) ”
    ** did she refer to her husband as whiskers! right where leaving!”


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