January 26


What role does music play in your life?

The Soundtrack to Life

Have you ever heard a song that you can relate to so well that you wonder if it was secretly written for you? Music can play such a big role in our lives. Whether you listen to it on your way to work, when you’re in the gym working out or in the dead of night to help chase the demons away.

I have music for every mood and walk of life, my own soundtrack if you will. From the Lord of the Rings (so original.. I know) to the Dr Who themes to Yiruma.

Keeping your headphones on to aid you through your day, to keep the darkness away and the hate out of hearing range. The kind of songs that make you weep, those that mend a broken heart and those that break your heart listening to them.

Each song representing a feeling or a moment that helps you to fall asleep, that helps you to walk down a rough road or that helps you to take your next breath.