28th January

Ode To The Playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of,
is destroyed. Write it a memorial.


There aren’t many places that still remain special to my memory as my high school was taken down and built up again a few years ago and with it went away the place that held so many memories for me. So my ‘ode’ will be to my high-school that no longer remains  but only for the memories in my head.


You might have been old,

And falling apart.

But I cannot deny,

You had a hold on my heart.

You might have been,

An ugly sight.

But still somehow,

All things felt right.

You were cold in winter,

And flooded in rain.

But for some reason still,

I would do it again.

You were small and crooked,

And we struggled for space.

But you were ours and free,

And was built with grace.


Some would state I’m being too generous to the school considering I complained about it an awful lot whilst I was there as it is in my nature to complain about imperfections. However, despite those imperfections, that was my school and I appreciate it for what it was and what it meant to me.

Some before and after pics of my old school: