The latest chapter of One Piece was majorly important for one point but the chapter one a whole was a joy to read as we got an insight to the crew like never before. Also news on Vinsmoke Family and possible new member for the strawhats.

One Piece Chapter 814 Review

Let’s Go See Master Nekomamushi



This cat is hilarious. When we first saw him in the flashback, the Mink leader was ferocious and was willing to destroy Jack for invading his lands. Although he remains in love with the thought of freedom considering he won’t even listen to Doctor Chopper, he is actually a very fun loving cat who says and does as he pleases.

Chopper trying to keep him from opening his wounds was great to witness and I can see this guy making a great impact as the plot continues.

The Garfield reference with the lasagne was super cool from Oda!

With a wedding in the air, it seems that even Chopper has fallen in love with a reindeer mink. I guess being with Sanji for so long has influenced his greatly. I mean it has been two years after all (real time reference).


Now we all know Brook doesn’t get much screen time but this was quite pleasant as we had Brook singing everything rather than talking. Now I wanted to know more about his take on Vinsmoke but he decided to keep hush about it, which I found very strange.

I hope we get to see more of Brook this arc considering he’s been missing for a very long time and he has hardly had a significant impact on the story so far. I also miss the skull jokes.



Now we hardly get to see the Straw-Hats sit and discuss options in regards to problems they’re facing. This might be because it is hard to lead a conversation of that nature with Luffy about. This is why we have a Zoro amidst them all.

The swordsman hardly talks but when he does, his words are golden. He was spot on about the situation they were in. They have got themselves in some serious mess with this whole Kaidou business considering they have directly messed up his plans by getting involved with Doflamingo and destroying the Smile Factory and capturing Caesar.

And he is rightly annoyed at having to deal with Big Mom at the same time and although he is blaming Sanji, he is in fact annoyed at the timing of all this.

Luffy was hilarious considering he didn’t see the problem with Sanji getting married initially as he would gain a crew-member. Upon realising he would in turn become an underling to Big Mom, he didn’t want it happening anymore and then the realisation Sanji might leave the crew was too much for him.

He actually wants to just head over to Big Mom’s cake island and just ask Sanji about it all; like you could just walk in after having pissed the woman off. I think they’ve settled upon sneaking in by using Pekoms as a means to get there.

That’s a bye-bye to the Lola’s vivre card coming into use here. Perhaps Oda changed it on purpose because us people figured it out. Always have to keep him on his toes. Well, some of us did figure this next bit out and I was one of the ones who were hovering on this particular theory.



They Vinsmoke family has been announced as a famous underground assassin family. Kinda reminds you of the Zoldyck’s from Hunter X Hunter. It is Sanji’s dad as Pekoms put it who has arranged for this wedding to take place. Why he has done so, I have no idea.

What we can deduce is that this family is powerful enough to influence the World Government to return Sanji to them alive and also in alliance with a Yonkou like Big Mom to arrange such a wedding. Perhaps this has something to with the Gorosei and the Cipher Pol considering they’re the assassins used by the Government and Sanji’s family are known to be assassins.

There have been rumours in regards to the siblings on Sanji considering it was announced he is the third son but I will debunk them soon in my theory post in regards to the Vinsmoke family.



I feel Oda just foreshadowed the next One Piece crew member… Purin! Luffy specifically stated that if Sanji gets married, we would get a new crew member. He won’t get married but that automatically puts Purin in contention for the next Strawhat because Oda likes to play these little games hoping nobody picks up on it or forgets about it later on. I’m calling it now based on this reason alone.

Purin Sanji wedding vinsmoke


Overall the chapter was amazing but it was pleasant non-the-less and we finally have almost all of the Straw-Hats together. I’d give it a 7.5/10. It was not a disappointment considering Sanji’s family background was revealed and gives us something to ponder until next week’s chapter.