Otaku Test: Side Character Answers

Ah the bliss of any anime fanatic, proving just how much you know about your favourite anime. So yesterday we asked for which anime the characters came from and what their names were. Were you able to take up the double challenge? Here are the answers, let me know how you did!

  1. tumblr_n1zn8pXqZ21tnkem4o1_500.png1, Noragami , this little cutie is the Goddess of Poverty, Kofuku.


  1. 2131.png3, Vampire Knight and he is the Moon Dorm’s Aido


  1. Silver_Fang_anime_artwork.png1, One Punch Man, he is one of the S-Class Heroes, “Silver Fang” Bang.


  1. Misa Theme.png
    2, Death Note, as any Death Note fan can tell you this is Misa.


  1. Chiho.png2, The Devil Is A Part Timer, working with the devil himself is none other than Chiho at the McRonald.

So who got what right? Did you manage to take on both levels of this challenge? I would love to know!



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