January 30

Burning down the house

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


This is going to be a tricky one. To choose five items out of the many that I own, it’s not an easy task and considering I hardly have any time to think…

Would my wallet and phone already be in my pocket? And my car keys? Because I might need somewhere to spend the night and I don’t think anybody would let me live with them on such short notice.

This is hard; I think I might need a moment.

Should I take my passport? Will it be worth going out of the country whilst my house is on fire? It would be a good escape tactic and let everybody else deal with it. In fact, it might even be worth faking my death here. I always wanted to do that.

Actually, who am I kidding… my passport is pretty much blank and it’s going to stay that way. I just don’t think it is worth losing my passport for. Wow, I don’t think the fire is worth losing my passport for. My whole house might go up in flames but… I don’t want to go through the trouble… of applying for a new passport.

Ok, the first thing on the list is the Passport. I’ll be honest, I left the passport out because I needed it for a some important job thingy and it’s the first thing I saw to my left.

It’s kinda cold outside. I should grab a coat shouldn’t I. Argh, this is so depressing. There’s hardly anything in my life that I really need that’s in my house.

On the bright side, at least that means I’m not materialistic.

Laptop! I need to keep my laptop because my laptop is half of my life.

I guess that’s three… I don’t think I’ve got any time left. I’m just going to grab my Arsenal shirt because it might jinx the season. I can’t see Arsenal burn.

So far on my list is my passport, my coat, my laptop, my Arsenal top… So I need one more…

I got it… Last but not least, it would have to be my phone charger. How can I charge my phone without a charger? Whilst my laptop is half of my life, my other half is my phone so there you have it. That’s my list.

  1. Passport
  2. Coat
  3. Laptop (+charger)
  4. Arsenal Shirt
  5. Phone Charger

Wait till I realise all the shit that I forgot to save…