January 31
Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you
got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff
behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken,
but had to leave behind?

So in yesterday’s post, I had to save five things before the fire got my house. Now the fire has burnt my house down… (Oh boy)

I like my house though, more than the stuff inside it. I’m already upset about this, and now I got to think about what got left behind.

I got to think about the stuff I left behind?

I already know one of the things when the fire was burning. The photo albums… I forgot about the photo albums. The photo album from when I was a kid, the photo album from when I was a bigger kid, the one when I was a pre-teen followed by… the dark period where I’ve got no pictures.

And then there were my wedding albums… My wife is going to kill me. Although with those I’ve copies saved on Flickr so that’s not all lost, except for the fact I do not remember my username and password. Yikes! I always do this to me. I need something that remembers all my usernames and passwords for me, that isn’t my brain.

Obviously the PlayStation got left behind with the little to no progress I’ve made on Fallout 4. I jumped on the bandwagon with that game and bought it, knowing fully well that I had no time to play the bloody thing. That’s £40 down the drain there.

I could have just waited out a year and got it for £15 like. I would have saved £25.

My house is insured thought so if the TV and stuff got burnt then I can get everything back through the money so… I don’t see the point in crying over it much.

If it burns, it burns right? I’ll get a new one. I guess that kills off the game but meh… I’m in a mood today so I don’t care. Burn Me!