February 2
Think global, act local
“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global
issue to a personal one.


For me the most personal issue that is also a global issue has to be related to the whole Islamophobia thing.

I’m a muslim and I am a normal guy with what I perceive to be moral beliefs and I am pretty intelligent so I know right from wrong but yet because I believe in what I feel is right, I am mistreated and looked down upon.

The media is the biggest culprit as it continously misrepresents my religion based on others who also claim to believe in what I believe in. Yet these people do not act upon my beliefs so should not represent me as a person but yet they do and the world is blind enough to accept what is being portrayed by the media.


I could write about this all day but it only infuriates me due to the direction this world has taken and the ignorance I have to deal with when trying to stand up for my beliefs.

This is my personal issue that is linked to a global issue and I just wish more people can become aware that there is nothing wrong with being a muslim and that it is actually a good thing if people were to follow such a selfless lifestyle.

The world would be a better place in my opinion should we care for one another as humans and treat each other with kindness and respect. Selflessness is a trait very rare and something we should all adopt to some degree. It is greed that corrupts people and it is greed that causes people to misinterperate the good into the bad.

I just wish the future is brighter.