February 3

Writing room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

My Room of Requirement

Ok.. The genie may have decided to build my perfect space but it doesn’t say that I would get access to it! :O

My perfect space for my anything and everything would be twofold, an indoors and an outdoors. The image that I have in my mind for the inside centres around a room where I can be alone. A dark mahogany style Gothic interior with the walls lined with bookcases, the kind that stretch toward the ceiling. Which means they would come with a slide along ladder to reach the higher books.

The floor would be covered with a thick shaggy rug. A desk for when I felt the need for serious writing and a well worn in sofa on which I could lounge in, enjoying a book under a thick velvet throw in front of a crackling fire..

The outside would be quite the contrast. I would want the house to open up straight onto sand and then the ocean. Trees for the shade would be placed by the house. But the rest would just be the sun, sea, sand and sky. And once darkness falls, all you could see are the stars that decorate the night sky.