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Yes yes, it is that time again. Time to tell me who said the below quotes in One Punch Man. Some of these are uber easy and the hint made it even easier but some can be tricky. Remember to give your answers in the comment section below!

  1. “I am a lone cyborg fighting for justice!”

Hint – Keeps letting his guard down during a fight

  1. “You’re unpleasant. So get lost!”

Hint –  Looks can be deceiving

  1. “Are we about done here?”

Hint – Looking for excitement

  1. “Ha Ha! It’ll be mass panic!”

Hint – an empty dojo

  1. “Oops. My bad habit came back!”

Hint – Fought naked

  1. “Shorten that to 20 words or less!”

Hint – Dislikes long stories

  1. “It’s not about winning or losing! I just have to stand here and face you!”

Hint – A C-class hero

  1. “But if you ever get into a tight spot, I will be there.”

Hint – Tends to lean towards overkill

  1. “Overwhelming strength is boring.

Hint – Thinks going without air-con is harsh training

  1. “I’ve never let an opponent live. And I don’t intend for that to change.”

Hint – A hired body guard

Well there you have it, ten quotes that need to be claimed! Remember to check back in tomorrow for the answers. I look forward to seeing who you think said what!