Hi o/

My name is Donal, (a.k.a. Kaze/TeaKaze), and I think I’m now the newest addition to the Sleeping Geeks team? Long story short: Through my writing of film reviews for nerdgeist.com I came into contact with Shaki, ‘The Captain’ (Aye aye (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ), I got in touch with him about joining the team and here I am.

  • A bit more about me…

I’m from Ireland, I am Irish. (Not that fake kind of American-Irish.) I’m in my early-twenties and hoping to go into writing, journalism or media when I grow up.

If I grow up… (¬‿¬)

  • Do I have any interests you ask? I do, actually.

I’m quite partial to a cup of tea, or four. From one tea-mate to another, the ‘Sip&Aah’ of a cuppa is one of the most simple forms of expression when conveying happiness. Take that to bed with you tonight.

I like to consider myself a bit of a writer. I’ve been at the drawing board quite literally since before I was a teenager. I’d hesitate to say I have a creative mind seeing as I have yet to finish any of my works but the ideas are still there so…

I did used to be into drawing as well. It’s been some time since I’ve attempted anything but that may change at some point. Here’s hoping!

(Thought I might include some of my works. I was into designing my own hand drawn comics for a brief period.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(The quality is ‘iffy’ but it is hand drawn. On actual paper.)

I’m quite big into my TV shows and movies also. My favourite TV shows being ‘How I Met Your Mother’, (*Self 5*), ‘Firefly’ and my guilty pleasure being ‘Selfridges’. As far as films go I have far too many favourites. The top spots being hoarded mostly by Sci-Fi and the Fantasy genre, of course. In terms of actors, Tom Hanks is my hero.

In the realm of music I have an eclectic taste. I like a bit of everything. That being said I do go through ‘phases’ of favouritism, my current go-to bands being Wolfmother, Muse, Royal Blood, Audioslave and Weezer.

We progress to the Anime stop of this tour. My favourites including Knights of Sidonia, (mechas in general really…), Cowboy Bebop, Valkyria Chronicles, the Avatar series and of course the Studio Ghibli collection.

(Including my Studio Ghibli & misc. collection because I can.)


(As you can probably tell from the title image, yes. Nausicaa is my favourite.)

  • The childhood influence portion because yeah…

Like most twenty-somethings these days, I often think back to what I used to watch as a kid. The only thing better than a really good show is the nostalgia surrounding a really good show.

As a kid my preferred program list included: Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Medabots, Digimon, Tenchi Muyo, Might Morphin Power Rangers. There are a few I’ve probably neglected to mention but the ones named are the shows that I always looked forward to seeing.

  • My planned contributions…

Seeing as what little experience I have is in film reviews, to start I’ll be aiming to deliver a review on each of the Studio Ghibli titles.

(I am aware more have been added to the collection, I’ll cover that when I get to it.)

I may do a series of How I Met Your Mother reviews alongside the Ghibli ones, but I’ll see how it goes.

I’m looking forward to writing for and with Sleeping Geeks.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

Kaze out. ∩(︶▽︶)∩