One Piece Chapter 815 Review

We get a little light shed on the Sanji situation and we find out Luffy’s plans for what is to happen next. Some interesting points to think about although not much to go with yet as Oda keeps us in the dark.


CHAPTER 815 – Take Me With You




We find out the reason why Sanji agreed to go along with it all considering he had refused upon the initial request. Sanji did not fear his father, whatever he is involved with but upon realising the information Big Mom had on him, he realised he had little choice but to agree.

From what information we received from Pekoms, it seems they knew about Sanji’s past with the Baratie and also about his recent goings on in Kambakka Kingdom. Pekoms revealed that refusing to attend the Big Mom Tea-Party means you receive the heads of someone close to you in a box; the mafia way.



If you want to ally with Big Mom, no matter how so; you must make the relation through marriage. She reminds me of that douche Walder Frey from Game of Thrones but it seems that’s the only way she will trust someone to take as an ally, when she accepts on of their own into her family by joining the blood-lines.

Here the Vinsmokes seem to be allying with Big Mom and there is a requirement that Sanji marry Big Mom’s daughter to make it so. I believe Sanji’s father is behind this as he requires an alliance with Big Mom as they prepare for something big.

Perhaps they are aware of the foiling of Kaido’s smile army plans by the Straw-Hats and are combining forces to take the Yonkou out. Apparently Sanji’s family is behind some mythical North Blue army that even Nami has heard of but didn’t think was real. Some secret assassin mythical family it seems.



People claim that Luffy doesn’t experience much character development but let’s look at how things panned out here. From the guy who is ready to take on anybody in a fight, Luffy for once agrees it is too risky to take on the Big Mom pirates at this stage considering Kaido is also after their ass.

And he actually came up with the idea that he should alone go with Pekoms and speak with Big Mom about the Sanji situations considering Pekoms says Sanji can no longer be a part of the Straw-Hats after this marriage.

This is a very serious issue for Luffy as losing a nakama is a big no-no. He even went on to suggest that Big Mom become his underling much to Pekoms astonishment. Pekoms still believes himself to be a part of Big Mom’s crew so he won’t be the next nakama and he plans revenge upon Capone which I don’t think he will get.

I’m still not sure if Luffy will go alone but it might be one of those Impel Down type arcs whilst the rest of the crew have to deal with Kaido and the trouble on Zou with the Minks. Something tells me shit is going to go down soon on Zou. I don’t know what it will involve exactly but I’m still waiting upon the discovery of a poneglyph and more information about this mysterious moon power.

The Minks are meant to be hostile to humans. These Minks are over friendly. Too friendly for my liking.



A lot of people have claimed Zoro is acting weird and indeed he is. He seems very distant from the crew after this whole marriage thing. Some people claim he is going to leave the crew. The ‘Sanji x Zoro’ fans believe he is upset by Sanji’s wedding news like a distraught lover. I doubt this is the case. Oda is planning something special with Zoro. I am not entirely sure what but something is going to become of all of this.

Luffy seems to think Zoro is really worried about Sanji and even mentioned it to the guy and Zoro responded with a threat so he did not deny it. Let us see what shall become of this.



It was really cool to see the three adults amongst the Strawhats (Robin, Franky and Brook) take responsibility of not allowing the samurai’s to enter Zou considering the shit that went down regarding Raizo. If they were to discover the Wano County samurai’s had chosen Zou as a meeting point and all the shit that happened was related to them, then I guess you could say there would be a shitstorm.

What surprised me though was the fact all three fell asleep upon the arrival of Kinemon and Kanjuro despite being so assertive about staying upon. Brook and Franky could perhaps let their guard down but Robin; I don’t believe so. Considering her past, old habits die hard and if she was planning to stay up and keep a look out, she would have devised some sort of plan or managed to do so without much trouble. She’s a survivor.

And the fact that the samurai’s hardly acknowledged their presence or thought of waking them struck out as odd considering everything that’s been going on with them recently. I believe this is the work of Raizo. The whole monkey business was confusing with Bariete. Not entirely sure what’s going on but the next chapter should definitely be interesting.





The chapter was fairly straight forward but at the same time the subtle hints and foreshadowing that was involved; I think there is more to it than what seems to meet the eye and it’s one of those chapters most of us will revisit at some point in the future. I don’t trust those samurai’s.