So I got the privilege of watching Deadpool the Movie last night and I must say, Wade Wilson is a favourite of mine and Ryan Reynolds is the perfect man to play him. I watched the movie at the cinema with my fellow Sleeping Geeks; Haunting-Lime on my left and Supernova on my right.

It was a unique experience considering I had never before seen a movie with Supernova this crazy but I knew what to expect and it delivered exactly what I was expecting; perhaps a little too precise. Despite the predictability of the movie, which I reckon was due to the excessive advertising we were teased with, it was an amazing watch and I could watch it again just for the sheer number of gags.

It is fair to say this movie is funny from the opening credits to the post-end-credit-scene.




The fourth wall breaking was incredibly well done and did justice to his character and the comics because this is what made him stand out. Although at certain points it did take something away from the movie, considering it was done a little too much for my liking. Perhaps on a few occasions rather than every 10 minutes would have been a little better.


The action sequences were a joy to watch and the comedy that went along with it just made it more fun. A big shout out to the two X-MEN that decided to help Deadpool out considering the big metal guy so desperately wants Deadpool to join the X-Men. I mean what the hell is he thinking? That’ll be the worst decision ever.

Why would you want to bring the most disruptive and troll mutant in the history of all mutants into a school where mutants are trying to learn to control their powers. This guy would have them testing their powers in his own sick, perverted experiments.


Negasonic Teenage Warhead was just perfect for me as was the ever so righteous Colossus! They just fit so perfectly to match with Deadpool.



The whole Francis thing was amazing with the very charming former Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones playing the dude representing the Super-Villain Ajax. His side-kick and muscle girl Gina Carano who plays Angel Dust was also exceptional although I didn’t get the whole match in her mouth. Even Wade Wilson was confused as to the reason why, although it came to his advantage. Her fight with Colossus was great to watch.


Although not necessarily needed, the romance was pleasant in its parts and staying true to its advertising, you could class this movie as a romance considering it is about a guy who gets cancer and then comes to deal with it all whilst struggling with adapting his new life around the woman he loves. But obviously there is a lot more to it.


I have to say the number of dick jokes in the movie and Deadpool perverse nature was perhaps overly done. I mean it was like every other word he said had something to do with a dick. Having said that, it was all very funny and the gags like I mentioned earlier were hilarious. If given the time of day, he could have ripped apart the whole Hollywood industry. And I loved the references to Green Lantern and his ability to take the piss out of himself.


I will give this movie a 4.5/5 … It could have been better but it is still worthy of re-watching many times. Considering there will be a sequel; I am buzzing with excitement. And that has nothing to do with the vibrating dildo in my ass.

Sorry about the Deadpool moment but the ‘merc with a mouth’ is very influential and I cannot wait to see more of him in the X-Men Universe in the future. A shame he can’t travel across to the Marvel Cinematic Universe because Spiderman and Deadpool have great chemistry.