Drawing the death of the Going Merry brought Oda to the point of tears. (5)

Well as promised here is a True or False Challenge and this week I am taking on One Piece. Below are five statements and all of them have a trace of truth in them. However can you spot which ones go wonky and become the lie?

1. Oda didn’t consider Sanji’s name until after the name he originally wanted had been taken. He originally wanted to name Sanji, Naruto.

2. While drawing out the funeral for the Going Merry, Oda felt very little for the death of the ship.

3. Enel’s appearance was inspired by Eminem.

4. Luffy was the second anime character to appear on the cover of a Japanese fashion magazine, Non-no.

5. One Piece has a secret character that features in nearly every chapter, episode and movie called Pandaman.

I look forward to your answers. I am sure one or two of these are easy to spot. Remember to leave your answers in the comments and if you don’t know guess, I mean you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right after all!

Also keep an eye out tomorrow for the answers!