Do you enjoy anime openings that can make your ears smile and sing along?

Me too.

So here’s a top 10 about that very topic.

Do remember, this is my personal top 10, so it’ll be.. pardon my french.. ‘hella’ biased.

Feel free to include your own top 10 in the comments for me to listen to!

Now, in no particular order. . .

_ _ _

[1] Strike the Blood

I cannot get enough of those fast paced drums. Literally music to my ears.

[2] Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS

Some might think of this as metal or screamo..? I can’t help but say wrong on both counts, its a rare genre called ‘good’.

[3] Log Horizon

As a big fan of this series, the OP was just icing on the cake. Just as a nod to the band behind it, they actually make an appearance in the anime. Won’t spoil anymore..

[4] Kurokami (OP 2)

If you’ve heard the first OP of this series you may just agree with me that the mood of the series shifts with this song. Stuff does indeed get real.

[5] Psycho Pass

This was a tough one. Both the OPs for 1 & 2 are brilliant but this one clinched it.


[6] Deadman Wonderland

Not to be too cliché about it, but this song is a roller coaster of good riffs. =^D

[7] Wolf’s Rain

Very atmospheric, especially when taking into consideration the subject matter.


Nothing like a good aul NANO song to remind you that you’re watching anime.

[9] Noragami

(There are two versions of this, one with slightly different animations and this one.)

[10] Mekakucity Actors

I find it funny that I became so invested in an anime that is essentially just a music project with accompanying visual media. Can’t fault it though, the music is good.

_ _ _

Feel free to share your top 10’s!