Well here are the answers to yesterdays Match Up challenge.

1 One Piece

One Piece.png

Zoro is dreaming of becoming the world’s best swordsman.

2 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail.png

Erza is known for her fast reequipping speed and changing armour and blades as she battles her opponents.

3 Sword Art Online


Kirito unable to leave a game develops a unique ability; he can use two swords, dual blades instead of a single blade like all of the other players.

4 The wondering Swordsman


Kenshin use to be the infamous batosai the man slayer. Putting the past behind him he swears never to kill again, but his past refuses to be left behind.

5 Akame Ga Kill


Akame trained to be a merciless killer breaks free from her order and tries to pave a path to a peaceful future with her comrades.

6 Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan.png

Levi is naturally skilled and wields his two blades with deadly grace and precision.

7 Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist.png

Rin’s demonic powers are linked to the drawing of his sword. Unsheathing the blade awakens his heritage.

8 High School DXD

High School DXD.png

Kiba is awoken as the one of the chess pieces for Rias and wielding his sword he fights with all he has to protect her.

9 Magical Warfare

magical warfare.png

Takeshi is accidentally turned into a magician and chooses a blade that no other can wield. Through unforeseen circumstances it seems he has no other choice but to fight, but is that really his fate?

10 Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo.png

Mugen is a rough and haphazard samurai who unwillingly joins a girl on her journey to find a samurai who smells like sun flowers.

How did you do? I know some of them were easy, you could give the answer without having even watched the anime and some were more of a challenge. Are there any kick-ass swordsman you think I should know about? If so lemme know. Well I’ll see you next week for the Otaku test, get ready to be seriously tested and challenged!