Otaku Test: Place that Place

Once again I am late with this. Sorry it took longer to put together than I originally thought it would. Below are places from various anime. I am looking to see if you can tell me what the name of each place is and the anime it is from. Yes, this is a two part answer. However if you can only give one that is fine!

Are you ready? Yes, no it doesn’t matter because here we go!











Yup, this week there are no clues to simplify this challenge. I look forward to your answers in the comment section! Remember the answers will come up tomorrow as always. Best part, not even the other writers over here have the answers yet! So who knows their stuff and who merely gets by?

Good luck!


2 responses to “Otaku Test: Place that Place

  1. This is so gonna bug me until you put up the answers! Because off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 out of 5 and I know I know all but number 4.
    #2: From Soul Eater, Death City (one of my favorite animes)
    #5: From Naruto: Konoha City
    Argh!!!! What are the rest? (lol)

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    • Hahah awesome! Yeah well you are just gonna have to wait until tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for your answers you are awesome! I can see why you don’t know number 4 :p


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