Why you should watch it:

  • Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Tragedy
  • Episodes: 24


Following Tatsumi, a fighter from a small village accompanied by his two childhood friends. They hope to make money at the capital to send back to their village to help relieve their poverty. On their journey to the capital the two friends die. Once at the capital Tatsumi is quickly swindled out of all his money. Alone on the streets Tatsumi is taken in by a noble family under the pretense of helping him. He is saved by a group of assassins known as Night Raid. He is then offered to join them, or die.

Night Raid is made up of Akame, the swordswoman, Sheele, a young woman armed with a huge pair of scissors, Lubbock who is a string manipulator, Bulat who is the armored warrior, the sniper Mine, the beast fighter Leone and their leader Najenda, a former general of the imperial army.

Night Raid then gets formed to help overthrow Prime Minister Honest, who manipulates the young emperor for his and his men’s personal gain, leading the rest of the nation to poverty and strife. The weapons of Night Raid are Imperial Arms. These are items created with alchemy and using parts of danger beasts over 900 years ago. There were originally 48 of these items made but roughly half of them have been lost over time.


The Imperial arms cannot be used by just anyone. The users must be compatible with them or risk death. The power of most Imperial Arms is so overwhelming that it is said that when two Imperial Arm users fight each other, one is bound to die.

Through out the anime, the Prime Minister is forced to enlist the help of General Esdeath. She is considered to be the most powerful fighter in the Empire. She soon assembles her own team of Imperial Arms-wielding assassins, the “Jaegers”, to hunt down Night Raid, who gains two new members, the Human-like Imperial Arm Susanoo and the master of disguise Chelsea.

Why you should watch it:

This anime is heart breaking. You can’t help but get attached to at least one of the characters and follow the trials that they go through. The ending is strange in the way that the main character suddenly switches.The fight scenes vary between meh and awesome. The art work is consistent. The character development is interesting and each character is unique with their own goals and challenges. True it is a high drama and a heart wrenching anime that can be over hyped but it is definitely worth the watch.