Whether it’s the stunning visuals at the end of an anime clearly showcasing how much time and effort was put into them or the accompanying music that you begin longing to hear after watching another exciting episode…

This top 15 covers the animations x ED combination that offsets that feeling of having to wait another week for more of your favourite show, be it new or old.

In no particular order, obviously, here is my top 15 ending sequences which, in some form or another, are well worth watching!

[1] Isuca

Despite this being a top 15, do not be disillusioned. This show was trash, everything about it was,  no doubts about it whatsoever. Truth be told, I found it hard to even finish. The only thing, literally, that they got right with this title was whoever they put in charge of organising the ED deserves a raise, if not a promotion. In fact, they were too good for this show. It was the only saving grace for every episode. It’s still a good listen even now. While the visuals might shock some of the anime prudes out there and they may not make much sense, the song is pretty good so meh.

To truly appreciate this song you’d have to sit through an episode and wait for the ending, while I would advise against this as your mental health is more important, it may be necessary to get the full experience. How committed are you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[2] Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?

I could literally watch it for hours. Why wasn’t the entire show like this? They could make a show in this style and I would watch it. We all would… Right? Right??

I reiterate later on about the similarities between Mikakunin, Dragon Crisis & Mondaiji-tachi, the endings follow a trend of ‘show tune’ performances as the credits roll. The music and visuals blend together well and as it is light-hearted in nature its quite pleasant to watch. I always appreciate when a bit of work is put in. Studios that actually make credits worth sticking around for are unsung heroes in my book.

[3] Nisekoi (ED 3)

Credits where credits are due, (heh seewhatIdidthere), the show itself has some very appealing animation work and music to boot. A lot of OPs & EDs for this series are well worth a listen, the example above is just one of many that I found enjoyable. I chose this one specifically because of how catchy it is, the upbeatness and rhythm of it make it a song you can keep coming back to.

[4] Nobunaga Concerto

If you have yet to watch this series I envy you, you really are in for a treat. Much like the countless other ‘historical drama’ animes out there, this does follow suit but not in the way that you might think. Oh and the ED song is amazing. Scratch that, its beyond amazing.

Closing your eyes and listening to this song can grant brief moments of elation. Combined with the colourful backdrops and visuals it really does make for a well put together ending that I gleefully looked forward to at the end of every episode.

[5] Overlord

This series started off slow but when I heard that ED song, I knew it was going to be a show that I’d eagerly await every week. (While it was airing, obvs…) The Gothic visuals and the rock tune accompanying it make for something enjoyable and savoury at the end of every episode.

Eye candy? Ear candy.

[6] Kamisama no Memochou

This song in particular is a perfect example of how a brief riff can draw me in. Much like ‘Kekkai IN MY BED’ from the Gundam UC OST, sometimes all it takes is a good start to a song to draw you in, the same can be said for the start of any show. This show in particular, while odd, was pretty good as a whole. The ED followed suit and it made enough of an impression on me that it managed to make this list, so I’d hope that might says it all. The contrasting colours and scenes make for a well put together end from a visual aspect too, which is always a plus.

[7] Absolute Duo (ED2)

The art style that the ending opens with, for me, has the faintest echoes of Mekakucity Actors. Just me? Okay… The music being quite pleasant and easy on the ears and the visuals being arty and abstract in nature, I think the combination achieved is commendable. The artists were rather loose with the colour scheme and I was okay with that. It seems the wardrobe team was rather loose too but that’s none of my business…

[8] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

I am a fan of the more upbeat, ‘rock type’ songs and this definitely starts off well. For those who haven’t seen the series all I will say is that the little horse is actually a character. I KNOW RIGHT? WHAT EVEN. Watching it clip clop along during the ED is soothing in a way that I can’t quite describe… I approve. I apprhoove.

Too far…?

[9] Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Much like Mondaiji-tachi and Dragon Crisis, both of which I mentioned before, the art direction for the ending sequence is playful and along the lines of a ‘mini show tune’. I think these cute little bits at the end are pretty cool. The song isn’t half bad and the anime itself is pretty good.

[10] Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

I have no idea why I find this as captivating as I do. The music and visuals really just get to me, and I don’t mind in the slightest. It really is just… nice. In every sense of the word. The start mellows but is revived at the ending for a moment and disappears just as quickly.

If I had to hazard a guess I’d say that this appeals to me in the same way I adore the accompanying pieces of music in a lot of the Ghibli titles. Artistically, they intertwine and form something that’s even better when they’re together as opposed to on their own and separate. Perhaps I’m over-selling it a bit. Okay a lot, possibly. It is an enjoyable piece all the same, one I’m fond of.

Next, before I tear up… *sniff*

[11] Aldnoah.Zero

The Mecha genre is one of my favourites. Be it giant robots or just walking tank-sized suits, I love what the genre has to offer. Stemming from my adoration of the cockpit scenes in Knights of Sidonia, the interior of the suits in Aldnoah are somewhat underwhelming in comparison. That being said, this ED track is just amazing.

The song is repeated fragmentedly throughout the series so if you don’t love it initially chances are you’ll grow to like it over the course of the show as segments of the track play quite often. The ED sequence is done very well, one of the screens in the cockpit displaying audio bars as the song plays is a nice touch. The song builds well and has a lot of emotion to it, my thoughts on this would be that the emotions of the song mirror the series. All in all, damn good song.

[12] Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

This song. This song is so unbelievably good that if you don’t like it, even a little, then we are from different planets. Oh, and you must be tone deaf. Not to sound like I’m attacking the reader for having a difference of opinion but in this case I can’t and won’t allow it.

Visually speaking, the colours are very vibrant and abundant, yes aesthetically it is very nice. The song brings it home though, it has everything and more. The show itself is subpar, MecHarem along the lines of Infinite Stratos, I have been watching it mainly for the purposes of hearing that ED. I’ll concede this much, its a better show than Isuca, its actually ‘watchable’. Also it has this song. A+++

[13] Spice and Wolf

As a massive fan of this series, not only due to the characters and plot, but also the amazing soundtrack. Believe me when I say that I’m not exaggerating at all about how well the music accompanying this title synergises with the mood and themes it sets throughout.

While the ED really doesn’t tie in all that well, its a nice little addition to the end of an episode. It may not add anything beyond that but hey, it’s just really enjoyable and fun. After a few viewings it becomes a rather nice sing-a-long.

[14] Akatsuki no Yona (ED 2)

Before I talk about this I just wanted to comment on something. Throughout my viewing of this title on various anime websites I saw in certain places that some of the other followers of the show were of the opinion that the first ED song was better than this one. To those people I say this: Perhaps you mixed them up. If not and you actually think that well… That’s not a good sign. Maybe just stick to saying you mixed them up, eh?

This song is very ‘traditional’, it has that feel to it. I also get an Avater-esque vibe from it as well, the two series’ both have their fair share of pleasant melodies. This melody in particular has a very captivating beauty to it. The anime is so-so, the second OP & ED are both musically pleasing though, to me at least, however there are disputes about this. Why? Who knows. Unfortunately, people who have no taste still have opinions. Visually it isn’t that bad, the series uses a lot of red and pinks to accentuate the red hair of the female lead and this does leave a lasting impression.

[15] Hataraku Maou-sama (ED 1+2)

Finally, to end the top 15 is ‘Gekka’ from the series ‘The Devil is a part-timer’. The list finishes on a chilled note, with this song being very laid back and in no rush.

Visually its not much to look at and the same could be said for how it sounds musically but it just has this charm to it. The series itself is quite good and worth checking out, much like this song. This may be too soft for some but sometimes a change of pace can make all the difference.

_   _   _   _   _   _   _

This has been my top 15 of ‘Credits Worth Watching’.

I hope you’ve found some new favourites, perhaps some old ones too.

I’ll be back with another top 10 soon, outlining shows that have perfected both their OPs & EDs making them not only good titles to look out for but memorable ones.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Any questions, comments, thoughts put ’em below. – Kaze