Ah ha, an anime that has mainly slipped off of the radar to be replaced by other gaming anime such as Accel World, Sword Art Online etc. It is another round of True or False. In a way I suppose I am also testing your memory. Remember to place your answers in the comments section.

Good Luck!

1. The soundtrack for .hack//sign was created by Yuki Kajiura who also helped create the soundtracks for Fate/Zero and Sword Art Online.

2. The opening song ‘Obsession’ was written in English because it would be too profane in Japanese.

3. In the real world, Tsukasa, the main character is a boy.

4. Tsukasa is unable to log out of the game but other than that he is like any other PC (Player Character).

5. BT got her name from taking out the letter of her least liked ingredient from her favourite food.

Will you manage to get the above? Do you know which are the truth and which are the lies? Even if you don’t take a guess, you have a 50/50 chance after all! I look forward to your answers! Remember to check back in tomorrow for the answers!