Otaku Test: Catchphrases


This week’s challenge is all about the catchphrase. Now the below come from various anime from different genre. Will you be able to tell me who said the catchphrase and which anime that it comes from?

1 “I’m Fired Up”

Hint – Doesn’t hold back

2 “No Senpai, It’s Our Fight”

Hint – A guardian

3 “This Is So Stupid”

Hint – Put’s her all into what she does, however falls for a stupid trap

4 “Dattebayo”

Hint – An orphaned boy

5 “Supaaaaaa”

Hint – Eccentric

6 “I Am Simply One Hell Of A Butler”

Hint – Bound by contract

7 “I’ve Come To Bring Some Bad Luck”

Hint – A trained assassin

8 “Symmetry”

Hint – Obsessed with symmetry

I look forward to your answers in the comments below! Remember to check back in tomorrow for the answers. Even if you don’t know all the answers, answer the ones you do know! Even if you don’t know who said it but you know the anime or visa versa, put down what you do know!


One response to “Otaku Test: Catchphrases

  1. No. 5 is Franky from One Piece and No. 6 is Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji >//< Unfortunately, that's all I know :L


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