This chapter was all about getting organised and Oda letting us know exactly what we should be expecting from the forthcoming arc, considering it was all a clusterfuzzle in our minds. Having said that, based on what’s consistently been the case over the past year, it would be wise to say, we cannot be sure what to expect in the forthcoming arc.




Based on the title, we can gather that it’s time to leave Zou for the “Curly-Brow Team”, now lead by Luffy himself. However, in what fashion he leaves was completely baffling. Only Luffy could do what he does though. The guy is a lunatic but he sure knows how to enjoy himself, that has got to be said.


Chopper has gone and treated Zunisha following its battle with Captain Jack. We can assume Jack has been truly defeated for now considering we don’t see him at all in this chapter. Sorry for the spoiler alert if you were using my review as a means to read the chapter. (I have no idea why anybody would do that.)

Momo wants to learn more about the ancient giant elephant considering it’s over a thousand years old and has a story that I am genuinely intrigued about. So yeah, we won’t be seeing much of Momo for the time being considering the rest are leaving the island. Not the minks or Inuarashi of course but the rest who have made plans.


Zoro, Usopp, Robin and Franky are going to continue teaming with Law, Kinemon and Kanjuro but will now be teamed up with the Heart Pirates and also Raizou. I’m loving how Zoro and Law are bonding. Witnessing two of my favourite characters bonding so well makes me happy, I admit, but I am no ‘Yaoi’ shipper so you’ll get none of that Zoro X Law shit from me.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the crew get up to in Wano where there is a war breaking out; particularly the fact that Zoro told Luffy that he will sort things out. Zoro don’t talk much so I don’t take his words for granted. If he says it, he most likely means it.

Even Franky mentioned something about building a weapon that will take care of Kaido. Is he on about… PLUTON?


Usopp has done it again. He’s built Nami a new weapon with updated features based on what Nami discovered up with those old guys who live in the clouds. Okay, that might have sounded a bit weird but I honestly meant what I said. He couldn’t incorporate the ‘magic wand’ she acquired although we have no idea what that’s about.

One thing for certain though; Usopp ain’t getting a single beri out of her.


Apparently Pekoms has a problem only the Minks know about hence why Pedro has agreed to head out with the Strawhats. It has been mentioned before how Pedro seems a bit dangerous. I guess only time will tell. So far, I don’t trust him. He’s the only real Mink representative that will be going with Luffy considering Pekoms is a Big Mom ally first.


Vivi is shown at the end ready to head for the ‘Reverie’. This is the crazy meeting between the King’s of the different countries to discuss the major events. They keep mentioning it so we can agree something big will come of it. So happy to see Vivi again.

So we’re basically going to have everything running side by side. Maybe we won’t see Zoro’s team for a while now whilst we head over to Whole Cake Island with Luffy; kinda like what they did with Sanji but I hope not. I’d rather see it all side-by-side. I miss my boy Sanji though.


Chapter 822 – 8/10