Remember the Rush Hour Movies? Remember how crazy and action packed they were? Well now there is a TV Show and it will piss on those wonderful memories with slapstick rubbish that has been put together to try and fill a slot on prime time television.

This is not a hoax or some kind of April Fools. I bet a lot of people would have thought so considering the first episode aired in the U.S. the night before but in all honesty they are doing this and I have the trailer to prove it.

The New Series stars Justin Hires as Detective Carter, taking over from Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan’s Detective Lee will be played by John Foo. The show started in the U.S. on the 31st of March 2016 and is due to premier 19th of April 2016 in the UK on E4.

Without Chris Tucker, the franchise will lose the smart-mouthed comedy it was famous for. Yes, they may have the writing behind it but the execution and improvisation that Chris Tucker brings; you can’t just pay to have that replicated. It doesn’t work that way.

And if Chris Tucker’s performance and ability is difficult to reproduce, Jackie Chan is a one-of-a-kind that nobody can come even close to representing. The Chinese martial-artist and film legend not only carries his part of the series with ease and flawless execution, he has a charm about him that only he alone can bring to the table.

Those that are looking forward to this series, I am sorry to say but you will be disappointed as evident from the lacklustre trailer. I would rather not watch it than leave a blemish on the Rush Hour name that resides pleasantly in my memories.