One Piece Chapter 824 Review

What an amazing chapter we had this week. It was a nice follow up as we got to explore quite a few different avenues in regards to the situations that are blossoming at hand. This is weeks on end where Oda has failed to disappoint us.



One Piece 824 Review


It seems Luffy was serious about cooking the meal for the crew in Sanji’s absence and although he suits the chef hat that he has donned for the experience, we all knew he would make a mess of things. Only thing we weren’t aware of was that he would waste the whole week’s food supply.  At least they have a ‘carrot’ on board.

The whole scene was hilarious, from the Minks and Strawhats not being able to handle even the stench of the food to Luffy realising what he’d done and calling out for Sanji to help. Well you can’t fault him for trying right? Who am I kidding, he’s the worst captain ever when it comes to practicality but we still love Luffy.


Following on from the theory of the Snow Snow Fruit, it is possible that either Pedro, Nami or Carrot eat the fruit considering the speculation surrounding its whereabouts indicate it is on board the Thousand Sunny, specifically amongst the Oranges in Nami’s trees. If anybody else eats it they’re going to owe Nami a whole lot of money, that’s all I can say.

I really hope that theory does come into play as it just means we figured out one of the planted secrets Oda left us.

Yuki Yuki no Mi


Pedro shares the news about the remains of the Revolutionary Army HQ and Luffy is distraught at the thought of Sabo having been defeated. It’s funny to note that both father and son care more about Sabo than one another. Anyhow, this is the first time Luffy discovers who his father really is upon seeing a picture of Dragon in the article.

The first thing he noticed was the lack of similarity in appearance. This might be Oda fore-sighting Luffy’s mother. She might look more like him. It seems he didn’t acknowledge the news that Dragon was his father when Garp told him. Like seriously dude, Robin was with the Revolutionary Army for 2 years and you don’t even realise she was with your father this whole time?

Even Nami was super surprised and she knows how much of a ditz Luffy is. Speaking of suprised, Nami and the rest learn about Sabo being Luffy’s brother and second in command of the Revolutionaries considering they missed the run-in on Dressrosa. Nami is like, is there anybody in your family who isn’t a major world player. Can’t you be related to someone normal for once?

It was interesting to see Brook mention Dragon like they had met before. Perhaps Dragon is a fan of Brook’s music.



Jack is where we expected him to be; at the bottom of the ocean. Only thing is, his face mask is missing and we learn of his true nature. Jack is a half fish-man, hence why he can breathe under water and survive such an attack from Zunisha being a devil fruit user.

Now despite this advantage, he is still stuck, being a hammer and cannot escape his fate and requires rescuing. Now I’m sure someone will have his vivre card but until then, he’s out of the picture. Perhaps he will attack Zou despite it all upon his rescue considering I don’t think he’s the type to learn his lesson in defeat.

Now his teeth is what I noticed first as they were very similar to Hody Jones and Dellinger. Perhaps he’s a fighting-fish type. It also explains why he’s so damn strong.  But what I fail to understand is, why the grill in front of his face though? Is he trying to hide his half fish-man identity?


We finally get to see Kaido again and we see him in action and I have to say it; I love this guy.

He’s such an emotional wreck when he drinks and even falls into a rage. I would have never expected a Yonkou to be so unstable. Well we did know he enjoys attempted suicides in his free time but this I did not expect. His Kamina “Who the hell do you think I am?” impression was just perfect! Didn’t expect him to be a Gurren Laggan fan though.

He carries a huge club as his weapon and this gives him the image of an Oni from Japanese mythology and I guess we can assume he has the power of a mythological devil fruit. This again was another online theory and this again looks like it is very possible; much like Jack’s devil fruit prediction. Oda does like to leave hints and we are meant to pick them up occasionally… right?

Now Kaido is pissed at Luffy and Law for upsetting his game. He in fact claims that what they’re doing is playing ‘little pirate games’ and that’s where the title of the chapter came from. He talks Luffy down like those that have underestimated him before but they were Shichibukai’s and he’s a Yonko.

I really like how he mentioned defeating 2 or 3 Shichibukai like it was just rookie play. Let’s not forget he did defeat Moriah before; like totally defeated his whole crew.


We’ve got Kid chained up and defeated at Kaido’s disposal. He was the one with the highest bounty amongst the worst generation. The one with the most ambition we could even say.

Now Kid wasn’t completely crushed considering his mechanical arm is still intact. I think it was a one hit KO type attack and from there he was chained up. Kaido has plans to use Kid to send a message to Luffy and Law. I’m not sure what will come of this but I can see another addition to their alliance. We already know Apoo has switched allegiances to Kaido but Killer and Hawkins are yet to be seen since Kaido’s appearance. I don’t see Killer leaving Kid’s side unless he has other motives. As I have mentioned before, I believe Killer to be far more important than Kid as he was the brains behind the alliance in the first place.


We finally get to see Sanji in real time rather than flashbacks and what not, since that time he ran into Big Mom’s ship. Now it seems 3 days have passed and they’re finally arriving at Whole Cake Island, the home of Big Mom. I love how the atmosphere changed as they drew closer to the island.

Now Sanji is still in a shitty mood but it seems he’s not a captive but a guest on board the ship. Baron Tomago wants Sanji to seriously consider joining Big Mom; apparently she’s an admirer of Sanji and has knowledge of him as a child. Perhaps this marriage was indeed something set out by his father. The alliance would combine his father’s forces and Big Mom and despite Tomago trying to point out the importance of this, Sanji is having none of it. He has officially cut off ties with his family as far as he is concerned. And he has taken offence to Bege’s attack on Pekoms. Surprisingly Tomago seems to agree with what Bege did.

Sanji worrying about the crew missing his cooking was on point as Luffy cried out for him. I have to say though; nobody quite knows Sanji as well as Zoro. Whilst we wanted to give the cook the benefit of the doubt, Zoro knew he would fall for the girl he was betrothed to.

Pudding (Purin) happens to be as we predicted; the three-eyed girl who was seen with Big Mom on a couple of occasions. Whilst she seems upset at the times we saw her, she has a smile on her face in the picture that was sent in. Interestingly enough, her third-eye is covered by her hair for her to seem normal in the photograph. It’s ironic considering Sanji also hides one of his eyes behind his fringe.





This was a very good chapter. We are getting used to the amazing writing Oda has been dishing out to us and I don’t think I would be able to take a stale moment and to be honest, I don’t see that happening again. Everything we see or learn from now on will be very interesting because the story is progressing very precisely.