Welcome to another otaku test. This time around I am interested in seeing if you know how old your beloved anime is, or more accurately, I want to see if you know what year they were first aired. Below are five anime in high demand, some are new and some are old. Either way, will you be able to answer this quiz?

1 One Piece


a 2000

b 1997

c 1999

2 Bleach


a 2001

b 2005

c 2007

3 Attack on Titan


a 2009

b 2010

c 2013

4 Naruto


a 2002

b 1999

c  2001

5 Full Metal Alchemist


a 2001

b 2002

c 2003


Of the three dates listed for each anime, one is the release year of the anime, one is a release year of the manga and the third date is a random year. Will you be able to tell me which is the release date for the year the anime was first aired on T.V? Remember you are not allowed to use google. Please comment your answers below and come back to see the answers tomorrow!