Who shall become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms?


[Season 6 – Episode 1]


With our hope still hanging in the balance in the case of Jon Snow’s return, let us explore the rest of Westeros and hope there is still some other form of salvation should our option with the man who knows nothing fail. With the luck the guys have been having, I think it would be safer to put our trust in the women of Westeros.



Let’s start with the closest thing we’ve got for a Stark to rule the North again. Unfortunately it’s the lamest of the Stark children but with one still a child, one blind, one crippled and two dead; Sansa is our last and only hope best bet.

Her options didn’t look much better than her siblings as she found herself as Ramsay Snow’s Bolton’s new play-thing. However a miraculous turn of events occurred as Theon Reek managed to break free from his submissive state and the two of them escaped from the bastards clutches if you remember correctly. And I use the word bastard in both contexts of the word. I mean who feeds his ex-lover’s body to the hounds? You have to admit, he makes use of everything he has though; a very efficient guy. I guess it stops her from coming back as a white-walker as well.

The Warden of the North was well pleased about Stannis dying despite now knowing who dealt the final blow and was proud of Ramsay’s efforts. However with having lost two potentially important pieces due to Ramsay’s silly games, he gave his bastard the ultimatum of losing his inheritance should they fail to retrieve Sansa. I have a feeling Ramsay will just kill his old-man and live the chaotic life. I don’t think he likes the shackles that are in place.

The reformed alliance of Greyjoy with the Starks, despite its efforts, failed to escape the hounds that Ramsay had sent them. It’s ironic considering the hounds were fed the remains of the woman they had killed in escaping and you could say her death caught up with them. I had hope for them after they crossed that ice-cold river. It wasn’t much of a challenge considering Sansa has northern blood in her but when I heard what Reek’s plan was, I lost that hope. Going to Castle Black to meet up with Jon was heading for failure.

Fortunately for them, there was one more thing I was relying upon and as I had hoped and expected, Brienne of Tarth showed up along with Podrick and the two of them managed to perform a successful rescue. I say the two of them because Podrick actually did some work to my surprise. Even Reek Theon managed to get a kill so I guess it’s fair to say, he’s back.

The scene where Sansa accepted Brienne’s oath of service was really well done and seeing Sansa failing at her words was adorable to be honest. She still has that innocence about her but she’s trying to be the big girl she’s supposed to be now that she’s got nobody left to hide behind. I guess her character is developing nicely from the air-head persona she started with.

However considering Brienne’s record at keeping her oath’s of protection, I don’t see this ending well. Let’s hope I’m wrong but Stark’s can’t really escape the fate as far as we have thus seen.



With the Khaleesi having flown away with her Dragon, having abandoned her Kingdom of Mereen, it all fell upon her team of trustee’s to sort the shit out. Well, the shit is getting worse and I don’t think Varys and Tyrion know how to deal with it. Well they’ve got nothing else to do considering all the ships got burnt down. It looks like they’re stuck in another mess having escaped from the one they left behind.

Daario Niharis and the King of the ‘Friendzone’ Jorah Mormont decided to go look for the woman they both love. It’s quite the juxtaposition here. On one hand, there’s Daario who is all charming, confident and lives to show off and on the other hand there’s the guy who cares only for Daenerys, more than anything and has not got long to live for. Yet she sleeps with the badass guy and hates Jorah’s guts. They don’t say ‘Nice guys finish last’ for nothing. I hope that isn’t the case here because that will be a tragedy.

It was Dany’s turn to be abandoned and she managed to get caught up in another Khalsa belonging to Khal Moro. She played it really well here, keeping her lips sealed; not playing her cards as the savages talked about raping her. She spoke strong words in front of the Khal when he saw her and I was like ‘Damn Daenerys!’ but despite her efforts and all the titles she used, it didn’t really work. Khal Moro just wanted to bed her and it all went comically philosophical as they began discussing what the greatest feeling in the world was. Well, sleeping with Dany was up there so he wasn’t backing off without a fight.

Having read the books, I knew what would happen here. You see this was foreshadowed in the first book as Dany went to Vaes Dothrak and met the widows of the dead Khal’s. She was told she would end up here should Drogo die. This was where the Khaleesi’s went after the deaths of their husbands. As soon as Daenerys used her final card; Khal Drogo, it all backfired. I guess it’s better than having her head cut off but it just means her situation has become very different all of a sudden and the plot has taken an interesting turn.



Looks like the ‘Sand Snakes’ are living up to their names despite what’s written in the books. A lot of the book fans have spoken out to the start of the new season as things start to leap away from the literature they’ve cherished with secrecy for so long. However, it has been agreed upon that the Television Series will venture away from the books now that the plot has in some places reached that of the books and is looking to go beyond that of which George R. R. Martin has written. Obviously the writers of the show are working closely with the author to ensure the story remain true to his vision.

The Dorne Prince and his son are assassinated by their own blood as they’re deemed too weak to rule the Kingdom. This is very different to the books where Doran wishes to make an alliance through marriage with Khaleesi by offering his son to her. I know that sounds wrong but he seems like a kid to her although in the books the ages would be similar. Now that such a huge step has been taken, I guess the Sand Snakes are going to plot some more revenge upon the world and bring more chaos upon the Lannisters.


Cersei isn’t having the best of days as the Lannister twins are grieving the loss of another family member. Looks like the Lions have fallen pretty hard and it was all according to what a witch told Cersei. It can’t be ‘her’ can it?

According to prophecy, the final child of the Twincest relationship will also die. R.I.P Tommen. I have a feeling it’s going to be Margaery who does the deed. Not sure why I think so but I do. Her stay in prison is going to drive her to insanity maybe. Its safe to say the situation has gone downhill for the both of them since King Joffrey died. Oh how I miss that bastard.



I would say at this moment in time, Sansa is our best hope of becoming Queen. She looks to be taking back the North and uniting it again. Not sure if “Blind Arya”, “Crippled Bran” and possible “Dead Jon” can help her right now but she’s assembled a small team that may be able to get her home back. It’s a step closer than the rest I would say who are bound to run into more trouble than anything should they take any steps in taking the throne.