Hey guys, welcome to my new series in which I will be bringing you news from the gaming industry.

This week I have a beta, a challenge and a few “up and coming” games as well as an anniversary.


I love playing a game for free even if it’s slightly unfinished so here’s Relic’s Company of Heroes 2 beta. Sign up and keep them fingers crossed.



I still cant believe Pokemon is now 20 years old. Here’s a great GIF just to bring back some nostalgia of them earlier days. Long Live Pokemon!




I never really enjoyed games made from films or TV shows. But this is GoT. It must be good! (that’s just fan boy me talking). Episode 1 is currently free; What are you waiting for!?

To download, just follow the link and pick up episode one free for your smart phone.


Farcry is one beautiful game and no one can deny that. So here Ubisoft have set up a weekly competition to see who can screenshot some of those breath taking views. This week, they’d love to see what pictures you can take of the wildlife. So get your cameras out!



The new Battlefield is soon to be announced. I don’t think needs any more words to be honest. Can’t Wait!



Hope you enjoyed my gaming tweets of the week and catch me again for next week where I’ll bring more news from the twittersphere of gaming.