Who Said What: Game of Thrones

I usually focus on anime for these quizzes but at the moment I am hooked on Game Of Thrones (and I know that I am not the only one). So I thought I would surprise you all with a quiz on quotes from Game Of Thrones. Do you know who said what? Each quote and the hints come from various seasons.

1. Don’t Eat the Help.

Hint – Regards books as a weapon.

2. Not all girls are like you.

Hint – Spoken to the one he wasn’t supposed to love.

3. How many times must I say no before you understand.

Hint – Has so many titles and is loved, feared and despised.

4. When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.

Hint – Heard a prophesy about three golden shrouds.

5. I don’t need saving.

Hint – Had unusual ‘dancing’ lessons

6. When you know what a man wants, you know who he is and how to move him.

Hint – Indecent dealings and unrequited love.

Wow it was hard to pick just these six quotes but I had to limit myself. Do you know who said which quote? Remember to leave your answers below in the comments section and come check back in tomorrow for the answers!



One response to “Who Said What: Game of Thrones

  1. I’m sorry I came across you blog with the answers before reading the questions (it would be unfair for me to leave the answers now.)

    I don’t know if I would have gotten every quote, if you hadn’t supplied clever hints.

    Thanks for doing this, I hope you do some more Game of Thrones quote quizzes.

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