So with the recent SBS, Oda was asked a bunch of random questions like he normally does by us amazing One Piece fans and Oda decides to answer some of them. I don’t know how people come up with these questions but it gives Oda the chance to drop hints here and there.

I’ve got to give credit to Micchan and Divves @ OroJackson for the translation and typeset.

Supernova Fave Foods
(1) is what they like – (2) is what they hate

So from this there are a few things we can assume:

  • Kid and Killer had some bad Curry Udon at some place and have hated it ever since. Its something that they share with one another which is why I believe they’re going to remain loyal to one another. Bro’s don’t forget shit like that.
  • Apoo doesn’t like mayonnaise. It makes no sense considering how amazing mayonnaise. So we can assume he cannot be trusted. I would never trust someone like Apoo.
  • Urouge doesn’t like vegetables. Explains why he’s the fallen monk and also explains why he is such a tank; he must eat a lot of meat like pork. He’s a protein junky.
  • Considering Hawkins deals with tarrot cards, its makes sense that he likes fortune cookies. Although I guess someone in the profession of predicting fortunes, he should know how ridiculous those little pieces of paper actually are. Although I’m still holding out on becoming a world famous blogger. He also dislikes meat and I have a feeling he’s a vegan.
  • Drake doesn’t like eggs. Well I guess he’s a dinosaur and they lay eggs so it could be off putting perhaps.
  • We all knew Law dislikes bread for reason highlighted here. He likes Onigiri and Fried Fish.Is this why he hangs so closely to Zoro. Do you think psychologically that has played a role in there somewhere considering Zoro has a technique called Onigiri.
  • Bege dislikes tomato juice. Do you think it’s because it can be mistaken for blood? With all the blood he’s spilt, I can imagine building a dislike for it. He loves meatballs though… He is Italian after all so makes sense.
  • Bonney loves Pizza. There is no denying it. We have seen her numerous times eating the junk delicacy. It is interesting to note she hates carrot. With all the theories of Bonney being a daughter of Big Mom, do you think she will hate Carrot the Mink? Is this a foreshadowing by Oda?


Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to add your own theories below.