So recently Episode 3 premiered on Rooster Teeth and it’s quite interesting to see how this series is developing. It was officially released for all sponsors on May 21st 2016 and for all members of the site on May 22nd 2016. Of course I will give the prerequisite of 10 minutes to watch the episode before reading the review.

* * * Spoilers Ahead!!! * * *


RWBY Chibi Episode 3 Review

We see the episode begin with Jaune attempting to leave Weiss a message on her scroll (essentially just a phone!) but he keeps failing due to reasons which are not surprising since it’s Jaune Arc the worst member of team JNPR. Meanwhile RWBY is toying with new rounds for her weapon which follows on to create the gag known as “Kick Back” where a character is sent flying backwards following the use of something powerful e.g. the Gravity round she uses dead last.

Elsewhere Blake and Yang are playing tag for reasons unknown to us, with Blake being it and Yang really trying to tag her but Blake being too fast for Yang to even catch. As silly as it may seem at the time but one of the more humorous shorts of the series so far.

While poor old Jaune is still attempting to leave Weiss a message but receiving no answer at all because her scroll is missing. Until Blake mysteriously happens to find it which soon results in Jaune stomping on it! But excuse me while I freak out because Zwei the cutest puppy on the block is back still looking for Blake.


RBY chibi 3

Poor Zwei who is still searching for Blake… Who somehow managed to get herself locked into the Freezer in the room she is being hunted in, whilst managing to pull off the most adorable little roll before wandering off camera. Ending the episode as usual with Zwei is a great idea from Rooster Teeth because he’s so damn adorable!

I am going to give Episode 3 an easy 9 with an extra Zwei out of 10!