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The Musketeers – Spoils of War Review

[Season 3 Episode 1 ]

Naturally, spoilers to follow… Expect many an exclamation mark!

Alas! The much anticipated and sadly the last season of The Musketeers. The one thing I have always loved about the series is that it pulls out all the stops from the very beginning. The first episode of any series is as action packed as the last of it. They most certainly do no waste time in getting to the point! To the story! To the action! Ahem.. I’m still reeling from having just watched the first episode.

We get to see a glimpse of the life of Athos, Porthos and D’artagnan at the front lines of the war. Thrown straight into betrayal in the first scene, swords against cannons! The only reprieve would be to choose death and the only option against a court martial, to fight an unbeatable battle. Having said that, the boys always find a way! And in the mists that cover the dead after the battle is fought Athos sees the hooded figure of a man, who disappears with the blowing of the breeze.

Aramis who is now living the life of a monk in a monastery which just so happens to be nearby, is put to the test after four years of solitude, as they are invaded by the hooded man and his group of bandits. Luckily one of the children in his care comes upon the Musketeers and we see them all reunite after four years and a long war apart. We learn that Aramis’s decision was not taken lightly but under the pain and guilt of those he had loved and lost and not wanting to hurt anyone again, especially the Queen and his child.

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We are introduced to the Governor, the kings bastard brother (the Queens words paraphrased by me, I swear) Who seems harmless to begin with but as the episode progresses we see more of his cruel nature and I for one pray for the times the Cardinal was around. He seems to be connected to the hooded man in some way as the Governor relies on him personally and wants him to stay by his side in Paris. We are yet to learn the nature of their connection.

The boys defeat and conquer in a blaze of fire as usual and we see Aramis bidding farewell to the Monastery as he finally sees what the Abbott knew all along, that his restless soul always wanted more than this. He finally admits to himself that he hadn’t felt so close to God in all these years as a monk as he had felt so, in this one single day.

The four Musketeers ride back home to Paris together!

But the happy reunion doesn’t last long as they are introduced to the Governor who certainly doesn’t disguise his dislike of them, making it known that he is a force to be reckoned with. And I for one cannot wait for them to kick his ass!

I’m so glad that Aramis is back and has made peace with himself and his cause.. And the crew of course. It’s such a shame this is the last season but more on that later. This episode definitely sated my appetite for musket fire and sword fights and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store!