It’s officially that time of the week again, Rooster Teeth has released Episode 4 of RWBY Chibi  on their site and it’s quite a nice episode this week.

For those of you who are curious, Episode 4 aired officially for sponsors on May 28th 2016. While for members of the site for both Screw Attack and Rooster Teeth get to watch it on May 29th 2016. Of course I will give the complimentary ten minutes to watch the episode a few times so you can read the review without spoiling it for yourself.

Spoilers Ahead: Beware


Naturally the episode opens with Ruby and Yang playing video games and for once Yang is beating her sibling in the game. Cue Zwei who is dragging Blake across the floor like she’s a chew toy. I guess we know who won the game of hide and seek then huh. Cutting to perhaps the most enjoyable skit of the episode there’s an ice sculpture contest in Vale where Weiss, Ruby and Blake are competing. While Ruby is hard at work, Weiss uses his dust to carve a statue and Blake uses her semblance to pull a Sub-Zero on us.

Once that scene concludes, we see Blake receiving a gift from Yang. A brand new large and heavy tea set but after Blake removes the tea set she immediately jumps in the box and puts the lid on using it as a hiding spot. Finally we have the ending skit where everyone is poking Yang with a stick including Ruby to try and activate her semblance to start roasting marshmallows which surprisingly is quite successful this time around. I must admit each episode is showing that they really put a lot of thought and time into this series.

I’m quite impressed so will give Episode 4 a nice 9 out of 10 for sure, not forgetting Episode 5 is next week and from what we’ve seen thus far it should not disappoint. Also a reminder every episode of this series up to 3 is available on YouTube as well. Episode 4 will be up there for everyone else on Saturday of this week.