It’s that time again! My review of RWBY Chibi which is now on episode 5 premiered on June 4th for Sponsors and June 5th for members of the site. I will give the usual 10 minutes to watch the episode a few times before reading the review so nothing is spoiled here. You have officially been warned so without further ado let’s go.

[Spoilers Ahead: Beware]



Episode 5 begins with a costume party of sorts where every member of team RWBY is dressed as their opposites, Yang as Blake and so on. When Jaune enters dressed as Weiss and he certainly isn’t happy that there are 2 people dressed the same.

Moving on we have a minor scene with Blake cleaning her ears out for some reason, all 4 of her ears since she is a cat who defies the laws of physics as far as I know. Ruby meanwhile is building a house of cards which is a daunting task when Weiss charges in and slams the door open looking for her book and upon finding it on the desk slams the door shut after breaking down the house of cards.

After which we see that Weiss has finished cleaning the entire kitchen when Ruby comes in with her dirty boots getting mud all over the floor and we can safely say that Weiss is certainly a little angry, this scene will conclude later in the episode. Speaking of conclusions Weiss and Ruby have a mini showdown while Ruby is playing with Zwei her happy little puppy.

Zwei is imitating a dust ball like in the old west during this scene it’s quite adorable I must admit whilst the other two end up in a slap fight after dropping their weapons. Finally the 4 of them are taking a walk through the city of Vale where they notice that everyone else are shadow figures for some odd reason which breaks the 4th wall in a sense.

This episode was OK in most senses as the scenes were decent and well put together. I have to give Episode 5 an 8 out of 10 here. Till next time this is Vergil signing off.