Mamma Mia

Can I just begin with .. Thank Chuck they didn’t drag out Sammy’s kidnapping and torture. It’s tough to watch after everything they have been through and apparently they just can’t get the damn weekend off! At this point you nearly forget that Sam doesn’t know that Dean is back, let alone his mother. I loved this episode as we finally get to see the dynamic between the three of them. Sam’s reaction to seeing his mother back.. Bravo Jared. It’s been 12 years in the making for us, 30 something for Sam and it was just perfect.


Rick Springfield is Lucifer! Not something you hear everyday. Will he bring a little rock and roll into Hell? Things certainly got a little gory for Vince Vicente after Crowley and Rowena’s latest attempt to put him back into The Cage. I can’t believe he didn’t escape with Rowena! Way to win back your mothers trust.. Leave her to have her neck snapped by Lucifer AGAIN! But Lucifer didn’t, I think he has much ‘nicer’ things in store for her being head of the Mega Coven after all and the only person able to decipher and carry out spells from the Book Of The Damned.


Sam’s rescue mission starts off great with Dean getting captured and one of my favourite LMAO moments of the episode:

Dean: No, no I just came by for some tea and a beating!

Momma Winchester swoops in to save the day and i’m so damn glad that they made her a strong hunter and fighter rather than a damsel in distress. That’s twice now that she’s saved their asses and we would not expect any less of her.


I didn’t trust the British Men of Letters for a second. I cannot believe how they have just traipsed into their lives and can have the attitude they do! Excuse my geography lesson but America is 40 times the size of the UK, which is four different countries put together. What on Earth, firstly gives them the jurisdiction to do what they have done so far and secondly think they can handle the demons and monsters that inhabit every dark corner of America. Rather than joining forces with the American hunters they want to exterminate them.. genius idea! ASS BUTT!!

Rant over for now..

Pie .. just PIE!


Sam and Dean kinda react the way i thought they would. Sam just opens up and pours his heart out the first moment he gets the chance to do so and nearly had me balling my eyes out too.. OK yes, did i shed a tear or two when Sam spoke to his mother YEH! Don’t say to me that you didn’t..

sam hug.jpg

And for Dean things aren’t as simple as that. Sam and Dean are two sides of the same coin. Dean will forever bear the burdens of his family and where Sam sees his mother and can react the way he does. Dean sees the day where he may lose her all over again, she’s another person in his life who can be used against him and who he would gladly die for. I wonder if I see some foreshadowing as Dean reminisces over their childhood photographs.

dean nostalgia.jpg

Carry on.jpeg