One Piece Chapter 845 Review

Okay guys, shit just got real. Like how we going to get out of this… Shit man! This chapter is just crazy! So much emotion and thoughts rocking in my head. Sanji, Purin, Luffy, Nami! This is such a mess!


CHAPTER 845 – The Enraged Army

We start off with Luffy lying right where Sanji left him and he’s refusing to budge. Right smack bang in the middle of enemy ground as Nami put it. At first this isn’t so bad and Nami is taking it easy hoping some sense will come into him. After all they’re in enemy territory and Big Mom is about to flip when she hears Cracker got defeated.

And then the weather starts changing. That cute cloud and sun that follow Big Mom around are indeed Zeus and Prometheus and she can control the weather. Nami pretty much loses it realising what’s about to happen and if Nami loses it, you know shit’s going down. She knows her weather and a storm is definitely brewing.

Not only that, half of Big Mom’s family are riding out to kick Luffy’s ass and he doesn’t even bother hiding. He firmly believes Sanji will come for him and he has to stay right here so his cook can find him. What a friend Luffy is but even Nami doesn’t believe he can take on Big Mom and her Enraged Army all on her own.


So not only do we have Zeus and Prometheus about bring hell on earth upon Luffy’s ass but there is an army that’s marching toward him and it is mentioned their total bounties are so high, it’s almost impossible to count. They’ve got ‘Thrifty Bobbin’ (who I can’t wait to see more of), ‘Demon-Lady Amant’ and even ‘Mont D’Ore the Scribe’. Like I have no idea what they’re capable of but damn!

It’s ridiculous. This is the strength of Big Mom where she can host a tea-party and still take on a threat like Luffy and go over-kill.

I don’t see how Luffy can win such a battle unless his vivre card kicks into gear and his armada come to his aid. I’m talking about the alliance he created in Dressrosa after defeating Doflamingo. I would say it is probably too soon but there is always a possibility some of them are in the area although the Reverie is also upon us.


Big Mom seems excited to meet her daughters new ‘in-laws’ and we get to see how crazy and erratic her behaviour as she is willing for one of her psychotic daughters to take a knife and mutilate some dolls despite the rest of her kids being against it.

Sanji is told to meet up in private by Purin who pours her eyes out when she learns that Sanji’s family doesn’t care for him. There is genuine affection developing but it it between both of them? I feel but the presence of mirrors in the room is putting me off.

Apparently Purin dislikes her mother’s ways and willing to help her fiancé reunite with his comrades but it seems she also wants to marry him. How does this exactly work out? Can Sanji marry her and they both elope to join the Straw-Hats? I mean Lola did kinda get away from it all although we don’t know the story behind it but is Purin a future Straw-Hat?

For some reason I still think there is a hidden motive behind it all. Something is going on. Why has Sanji given up so easily despite the threat on Zeff? Does he have that little faith in the Straw-hats? Argh! This is so infuriating.

Sanji is the smart one. I need to put more faith in him. He always pulls of the remarkable and see’s through the lies. He was the first to know Robin was true and followed her alone and he figured out Viola wasn’t an enemy. Perhaps Sanji can truly see into the soul of a girl through her eyes. Perhaps he knows Purin is lying and is only playing along to bide time in order to put his plan into motion. Maybe beating Luffy down was a difficult part of his plan. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!!!


The chapter was great. Can’t fault it. The way things have shaped up and that scene at the end with Luffy ready to fight to his death to save Sanji is just crazy. We need the rest of the crew here. It’s not the same like it was when rescuing Robin. There is no way Luffy can come out on top. He hasn’t even eaten to recover and he won’t do so until Sanji…



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