The one you’ve been waiting for

I think I can safely say that I don’t think we were waiting for this, it just happened and we are all better off for it. Paraphrasing Mr.D.Winchester.. Dean┬ákilled Hitler! In this episode we see the return of the Thule society, a group of dead zombie necromancers.. I know! Charming! They were always going to revisit this story line at some point, I just wonder if it’s the last we see of it, after all Dean killed off their main reason for being .. Hitler!

scaredy cats.jpg

Complimentary Impala shot.. that is all.

sexy e5.jpg

Let’s be honest, it was a mad filler episode. Should be back to the usual programming with the next installment. No mention of Cas or Crowley which means they’ll be back with news of Lucifer if we don’t actually see his comeback.. I wonder if we’ll see a new face of his or if Vince.V can handle the latest attack and you know.. being at the bottom of the ocean.

The next image just HAD to be included, it sums up Dean Winchester in one picture!

can't just keep his hands to himself.jpg

I have to add that this is probably one episode that they would have welcomed the help of the Brits, not that they needed it but they seem to turn up everywhere else! The one place they would have been relevant and with all the claims of pomp, circumstance and know all! The people who most certainly had a bone to pick with Hitler just decided to skip this one. Anyway enough of them, even when they’re not mentioned they manage to irritate me.. And to finish off..!

That beautiful moment Dean realised he just killed HITLER!

realising u just killed hitler.jpg