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Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Aaaannd another filler episode! But it’s all cool.. cos you know Dean did kill Hitler after all and he deserves a little bit of a break. I kinda enjoyed this episode because it reminded me of a Doctor Who episode called Midnight, don’t know if anyone might have seen it.. I highly recommend it as a stand alone episode and if you don’t want to commit just yet. You’ll be able to see the parallels i.e: stuck together in a confined space, don’t know who to trust and the panic and paranoia that seeps in etc.

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I really felt some foreshadowing in this episode from one particular scene where blood is falling onto Asa’s forehead from the ceiling and first Sam looks up and then Mary. It really took me back to the first season, when John looks up to find Mary dead on the ceiling and then 18 something years later when Sam comes home to find Jess the same way. From being so engrossed in the new episode to becoming nostalgic and thinking back 11 seasons, I do hope they revisit the roots a little more or pay an homage to their humble beginnings.


There was also a moment towards the end where Billy shows up and offers to take Mary back upstairs and in one of the previous episodes where Mary mentions something about being in the afterlife very briefly, that reminded me of an episode of Buffy after which she was resurrected (and no not the first time) and she reveals to Spike in an alleyway that she was in heaven and they dragged her out. I wonder if Mary was with John and if she was dragged out.. To be fair it wasn’t the boys who pulled her out but Gods sister which could still weigh heavy on them.


Anyway I think I’ve given you a glimpse of just how much of a geek I am in this ‘review’ drawing parallels to random shows (all worthy of watching time and time again!) and will end with, it was a good episode. We’ve seen a little bit of the healing that Mary has done. I guess the big bad in this season isn’t supernatural which is probably why they can’t pan it out as much as they normally would but I can safely say I am not looking forward to what evils the Brits have in store for the boys! I’m happy in this little bubble of mine pretending they’re not lurking around the corner somewhere..

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