One Piece Chapter 889 Review

So yeah, it has been a very long while since I’ve done one of these and I want to get back into writing so here goes nothing… But what a chapter to start reviewing again though.




This image right here could sum up this chapter. Just look at Charlotte Linlin here, in all her glory, riding her majestic thunder cloud; sword in hand and the blaze of her own freaking sun behind her. This my friends is the strength of a Yonkou and I for one completely underestimated her.

There is no way I can see Luffy taking her out 1-v-1 without some form of external help. Big Mom is legit the scariest thing in One Piece.

Now before I go full fan-girl, lets take a step back and start from the beginning of this chapter.



The chapter starts off from where the previous chapter ended. Carrot is in her awe-mazing Sulong form which literally translates to moon-lion in kanji (or so I am told by mangastream). The moon pretty much gives her this over-powered ability where she becomes a one-man army and she is wrecking ships left, right and centre.

Carrot has shown that not only is she cute and strong but she has brains to go along with it. She didn’t just tag-along with the Straw-hats, she actually is an asset they definitely needed in this situation.

Elegantly and smoothly, this little rabbit stole all the helms of the fleet that was looking to take-out the Thousand Sunny and it wasn’t without risk as going “Full-Moon” (my term for becoming a Moon-Lion) a Mink can lose its mind and end up over-exerting and killing one-self.

Daifuku summoned his genie, as granted to him by his lamp-lamp fruit. Unfortunately, this genie has a mind of its own and follows instructions very loosely. He ends up hurting Daifuku’s own crew-mates in his chase to stop Carrot. And the whole time, Daifuku has to stand there looking silly, rubbing himself.

Brook does come into save her from herself and takes her away from the light of the moon. If she’s not in its view, she can revert back to her normal self. He also helps take out a few ships as well thanks to his super-awesome ice-sword abilities.


Now we know Sanji is a top notch cook but have we every actually considered that he might actually be the best in the world.

You see, Sanji is confident in his ability to woo Big Mom over with the deliciousness of his cake whilst Bege wants to use the opportunity to poison/blow her up. The plan was after all to defeat a Yonkou right?

Sanji however isn’t having it. I doubt he see’s Big Mom as a lady but he also has the  whole, “I must feed those who want to eat” and I admire him for it but seriously dude, this is a good opportunity. Logically speaking, I would be with Bege on this one. But this is One Piece and I know Sanji can do it.

In fact, he shoves a bit of cream in Bege and he almost dies out of pure bliss. I actually can’t wait to see how Big Mom will react to eating this cake.



This isn’t a drill, I repeat… This isn’t a drill! BIG MOM IS ACTUALLY FRICKIN HERE. She’s landed right in front of Nami. This is it. They’re going to have to do something or force being eaten. Jinbei isn’t scared of shit, we’ve seen how bad-ass he is but even he thinks they need to abandon ship.

Big Mom has gone beyond what anybody has lived to see. She has never lasted so long without fulfilling her craving according to Peros. We are heading into unknown territory in regards to Big Mom here. I mean I didn’t even realise her hat can turn into a bad-ass sword.

She might do anything. She might break into song and dance or start eating the earth itself. But personally, I think she’ll become weaker, the longer this goes on. She might crash after she gets the cake Sanji has prepared for her perhaps.

I’m really hoping we get to see Bropper and Jinbei shine here. Brook, Nami and Carrot have done their bit.


This chapter gave me the chills and not many chapters do that. Not much was revealed in terms of plot progression and we didn’t get to see Luffy but it was epic despite so an almost but not quite 9 for me.