One Piece Chapter 946 Review


It has been a very long while since I’ve done one of these and I want to get back into writing so here goes nothing.




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The chapter opens up with pure unfiltered action as O-Lin aka Big Mom grabs Queen by the long of his neck and from the looks of it, swings him about. They state it only took Big Mom two hits to take Queen out. That is monstrous strength. If Queen is considered to be one of Kaido’s top three commanders, then we must consider his strength to be on par with at least Jack or someone like Smoothie who we are yet to see in action. With a bounty of 1.3 Billion Beri, so far Queen is one of the strongest characters in the new world we have come across and yet here we have him taken out in two strikes.


I don’t think that takes anything away from the Queen’s capability. It’s more on the lines of just how bloody strong is Big Mom? You have got to take Queen credit for calling Big Mom an old hag to her face and refusing to back down but dude got his ass handed to him. Luffy, Hyogoro and all the Beast Pirates present cannot believe what is transpiring here.


Nobody expected Big Mom to suddenly show up at the prison and demand O-Shiruko. To make matters worse for the Beast Pirates, who are refusing to even make an attempt to fight her, they can’t get any messages out to Kaidou, probably the only who who has any chance of taking Big Mom in a fight from amongst them.


I mean Drake is strong but he’s just a headliner and someone as capable as Hawkins cannot even make it to that level. King perhaps maybe a step above Queen but again, I doubt he could 1-v-1 Big Mom after what we saw of Queen.

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Raizo and Caribou have been working together to take down Kaido’s communication systems and have worked out a flaw in the networking. Raizo is trying to free Kawamatsu and in the commotion, it seems our mysterious prisoner has escaped so I wonder if he will end up finding keys to free Kid and Killer (haven’t seen that guy in ages).

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Luffy being Luffy did the most Luffy thing of all and mentioned how tasty the O-Shiruko was which obviously makes him the target. However, we witness that Luffy may actually be afraid of taking on Big Mom. It really shows that his recent defeat at Kaido’s hands has knocked some sense into him. He’s also aware of the spiked-slave-neck-braces being able to kill him and Hyo and pleads for Big Mom to stop attacking them.


He uses some Rayleigh level badass haki to release himself and Hyo out of the braces but he’s still inclined to run away from Big Mom and only when Hyo reminds him that to become the strongest he has to face near death does he stand his ground but what can Luffy actually do in this situation. Do you see him surviving a Big Mom onslaught.


It helps that Big Mom doesn’t remember him, although Luffy thinks that something to do with his samurai disguise, but she’s still super pissed at him because she actually wanted to share the food. Is Big Mom innately a nice person and has got caught up in all the politics of the world? With her memory gone, it seems her true personality has emerged but what has she gone through in her life that she has become a ruthless Yonku of the seas?

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Well it seems Luffy will actually clash against Big Mom in a potential 1v1 and I think he’s going to stand his ground somehow. Pull out something he learned from the OHKO he received at the hands of Kaidou.

Overall a great chapter. 4/5