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“Sleeping Geeks” is a blog that follows content related to Geekism.

There are many kinds of GEEK out there. Some blatantly advertise it that they’re a GEEK whilst others hide this fact. It’s actually pretty cool to be a GEEK nowadays thanks to the ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. You no longer have to hide in shame. I don’t even know why people even did so. Although I’ve openly told people my interests and labelled myself as a Ggeek, I will admit that I too felt a bit embarrassed at times when others made fun out of my interests such as Role-Playing and Trading Card Games. Now I am proud of who I am and such comments no longer bother me.

Who are the “Sleeping Geeks”?

We are a bunch of normal young adults and teenagers who live everyday lives yet deep in our hearts we are not like other humans. Our hearts beat a different beat to those around us. Our minds don’t work like others for they are filled with imagination and creativity. We are “Sleeping Geeks”… Humans by day; Geeks by Night. We run an underground network of Sleeper Geeks who work together, working undercover, to produce content for other geeks to enjoy.

So why should you follow “Sleeping Geeks”?

Well, firstly because it is an awesome blog… Even if I say so myself. I mean if I won’t believe in my blog, I don’t think you guys should either. I mean seriously… It has to be good enough for me before I can recommend it to others. Otherwise it would remain closed to the public. You might not agree with me but that’s another topic and we can argue about it when we have the time.

The blog itself is pretty laid back and offers a lot of diversity. Well it will in the future. Its a project that we’re working on to expand into something really awesome. Much better than it is now. You might read this in 5 years time and still expect us to improve… Even though we might have moved on by then… But that’s not the point. The point is, we will strive to always improve and be the best we can be. I am very ambitious and I want to do the best I can so with this blog, you can expect me to challenge myself so that I can make it become a blog you can be interested in.

What does “Sleeping Geeks” actually offer?

We’ve been up and running for couple of years and have come a long way from where we started. What we offer is a fun atmosphere revolving around a bunch of random topics that we enjoy writing about. It mostly consists of gaming and anime but there are other aspects that we are venturing in to.

We also have our very own Podcast that you can listen to if you like. We’re still getting the hang of things so I hope you can enjoy our ramblings.

14 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I used to love wrestling during the eighties and nineties. These days though I don’t like how the matches are so short and how many of the characters lack any personality.

    You have good taste in anime. Death Note and Code Geass are awesome.


  2. It was the 90’s and early 2000’s when wrestling was most important for me. These days, its just not the same any more so I don’t even bother following it, let alone watch it.

    Thanks for the comment and yeah, Code Geass and Death Note are two of the best anime out there. I would struggle to name some that are better.


    1. Death Note and Code Geass are amongst my top three animes of all time. The Full Metal Achemist shows are also very good.


      1. Full Metal Alchemist followed the manga up to a point, but as the book wasn’t finished they made up a finale. Brotherhood was made later and is faithful to the manga. Both have their good and bad points. Brotherhood has a more satisfying ending, but it rushes through the early stuff.


  3. Yep ! I also used to love wrestling during the early 2000s but today it doesn’t turn me on LOL !!!

    You like Death Note too. That’s awesome 🙂


    1. Wow! Thankyou… This is the third one I received. Two in the matter of two days. Although I have already followed this through before, I do love answering questions and appreciate this so I will answer your questions. Might even find a few new blogs to nominate.


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