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2014-01-06 21.21.31The ARTIST

Hey there 🙂 My name is Ayesha (a.k.a. Ash or Ashk47). By day I am a hardworking teacher in training but by night I’m a Studio Ghibli artist!

OK, I kid. But one can dream can’t they? ^0^

Where do I start? I’m a pretty regular person; a small town, 20-something year-old teacher. Sounds dull right? Yep!!! Anime and manga are really my tools for escapism. I mean, who wants to be the Ash who is writing an assignment about the way children learn via play? I’d rather be Ash catching Pokemon.

I’m a born daydreamer, doodler, and self-confessed anime nerd. Mind you I haven’t watched LOADS of animes, I just spend the tiny amount of free time that I have watching them!

I love love loveeeeeeee art! Drawing and painting especially! And I’m going to, hopefully, fill this space with lots of anime based manga and also freestyle manga drawing.

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