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Hey guys, I’m BronzePanic (Also my Gamer-Tag on XBOX).

I’m currently in my 20’s studying and enjoying life. As well as Gaming (RTS, FPS), I love playing Sports (Cricket, Tennis), listening to a wide range of Music (Linkin Park) and watching some  TV Shows (TBBT, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad)

My one wish in life; someone puts me in a room full of games and gives me the rest of my life to play them. OK, maybe that’s two wishes. Lol

I’ll be the happiest man on this planet 😀

(I mean Universe; ain’t no Alien spoiling my fun!!!)

I’ll be reviewing games in my unique style and adding my perspective to upcoming/newly released titles. I’ll also take a blast from the past and cover some games which have been influential in our lives. You can expect a post once a week… Please don’t hold me to it, I’m just too lazy.

This is me starting out, your support and feedback would be appreciated. I’m also open to requests and don’t hesitate to contact me.

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