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Hello, my name is Aafreen Ali and I’m in my mid-teens. I am Korazy about Korea (see what I did there). I’m in love and obsessed over Korean drama, T.V and Music. So I guess that makes me a geek. Desperado knew about my passion of k-pop and so offered me to join this website. At first I was reluctant. I’m not sure why, but I thought this wouldn’t work out. However later on, for some reason, I became eager to join because I really wanted to talk about the things I love. And so that is what brought me here.

I’m also a huge fan of anime. My favourite, of course, is One piece and for those of you who haven’t seen it I advise you to watch it now (and when I mean now I mean right now). One piece has an incredible story line that will leave you astonished.

I also love art, although I don’t think I’m amazing at it (yet), I’m not too bad.

That’s pretty much it; all about me. It’s not very interesting but it’s something. Please read my posts if you’re a k-fan. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Thank you.

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